Mark Spatafore

President & CEO

Mark has 30+ years of experience working for various organizations in senior level marketing and sales management positions. He was eager to venture into the world of business ownership when a need to help his autistic son, and others with similar disabilities, presented itself.

Jake Spatafore

Chief Human Tester

Jake is a young man who enjoys dog walks, hikes, horseback riding – anything that involves being outside in the fresh air. He was diagnosed with Autism before his 2nd birthday. He is non-verbal, except for a few words that people who know him can comprehend. Jake also has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Joey Za Za Machtan

Chief Canine Tester

Our wire-haired fox terrier is a delightful companion and always ready to go for a walk. She is the perfect blend of playfulness, alertness and mischief. Joey is an expert rodent hunter and always on patrol in our wooded back yard. When she’s not helping clean the dishes or playing tug-of-war, she is the sweetest, most lovable lap dog.

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