The Jake n’ Joey Safety Leash story -

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Never has that been more true than in the case of the Jake n’ Joey Safety Leash.

My son Jake is autistic. Unfortunately, he is unable to comprehend danger and safety. Walking our dogs is something that we love to do together and have done often without incident until one fateful day…

A few years ago, Jake and I were walking our dogs to the lake near our house. We have two beautiful dogs – Lucy, a standard poodle, and Joey, a wire haired fox terrier. We walked on the sidewalk of a fairly busy street. Jake was ahead of me walking Joey when he suddenly dropped Joey’s leash and started running up a hillside to pick a long blade of grass. (Long blades of grass are something that he likes to “stim” with. It’s an autistic behavior of his.)

Joey ran into the street, but I was able to catch her before a car nearly struck her. That scary, chaotic moment birthed the idea for this innovative leash. I know the Jake n’ Joey Safety Leash would have prevented a potential accident that could have injured or even killed our beloved dog!

This leash was first conceptualized as a way to assist and guide a person to safely walk a dog. Likewise, it can be used as a leash for teaching a person how to properly walk a dog.

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Ken leads Jake on a hike with Joey at
Magnolia Bluff County Park in Evansville, WI

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